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Design of high power 6V to 4.2V bracket
August 18, 2017 at 07:44

Welding and design took about 5 hours.
Function: 24 X 365 continuous power supply for multiple cellphones (small workstations)
Bracket materials: bamboo sticks for barbecue, fixed with hot melt adhesive
Electronic materials: 6V2A power supply, XL4015 power converter

Picture 3 is a single set of materials, left is 6V2A, right is XL4015 power converter. In order to reduce the fever of a single group, 6V2A uses 4 in parallel and XL4015 uses 2 in parallel. XL4015 has a nominal maximum power of 60W and should be better to use than 2596S.

I used this power converter to power the phone and test the power. When the mobile phone is in standby, it is quite power-saving. The specific value was not recorded, it was less than 0.1W. But when we use the phone and light up the screen, the power is around 3W. Take a 2500mAh battery as an example, the power is about 3.7*2.5=9.25Wh, so theoretically, a new battery will be powered out continuously for up to 3 hours.

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A solution of case of mobile data runs slinkingly
August 15, 2017 at 08:43

2 months ago, I bought a CDMA card for my father, and the phone is HUAWEI honor X6. This phone usually used WIFI and closed data, but I found that the data still ran, it consumed 1-2K a day and cost 1-2 cents. After a lot of tests, and finally put the mobile phone 4G closed, now more than a month later, there was no data ran any more.

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